Shandong polife Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of No.3 and No.9 Industrial Road of high-end wood furniture industrial park, Bianqiao Town, Pingyi County, Linyi city. It was founded in 2018, and specializes in manufacturing the Olson board and high-end furniture decoration materials. We have imported a German original imported production line of difenbach Olson board, which is listed as the key promotion and demonstration project of upgrading and upgrading of new wood industry in the city, and listed as the key project of 2020.
"Osb+ project" of Pingyi branch of polife Co., Ltd. has introduced the most advanced technology and equipment from Germany to meet the first-class environmental protection and safety standards of domestic European pine board production line, with an annual output of 460000 cubic meters, of which the first phase has 240000 cubic meters of OSB (eupine board), and the second phase has a capacity of 220000m3 osb+ (facing the Olson board), and provides Upgrading products and changing generations, adapting to market development, achieving higher share in the market of European pine board at home and abroad, promoting the development of the company, adjusting the product structure type, is conducive to improving the osb+ industrial chain, increasing the product types of the household industry, making the wood products in the furniture industry of Lindong developing steadily. Pulefour wood industry will give back to Pingyi and its old and old relatives with excellent achievements, increase local employment and increase local tax.

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