Characteristics of oriented Particleboard

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Oriented particleboard not only has high strength, but also has directional mechanical properties. According to the abnormal use, we can control the proportion and angle of each layer of particleboard to produce oriented particleboard with various strength requirements. The oriented particleboard reconstructs the wood texture structure and completely eliminates the influence of wood stress. It is not easy to deform, small expansion coefficient, good nail holding performance, green environmental protection, good impact and bending strength oriented particleboard. The oriented particleboard used in the manufacture of oriented particleboard is high temperature and high pressure sizing, and the sizing amount is far lower than that of big core board and multi-layer board. In the manufacturing process of oriented particleboard, due to the low amount of glue and high temperature, the free formaldehyde in the glue can be redistributed. Therefore, the directional particleboard guarantees the environmental protection of the product board and the stability of the moisture content. The crisscross paving of oriented particleboard completely solves the appearance of nail holding cracking around the surface of density board, multi-layer board and ordinary particleboard.
Oriented particleboard is the packaging material of export machinery products. It can be widely used in packaging, upholstery, furniture manufacturing, building template and house construction. It can completely replace the side plate and partition board in the manufacture of furniture. In the decoration of the door frame, window frame, door core plate, cabinet, floor and floor substrate. It can also be directly used for wall and roof decoration. It is a substitute for Blockboard and common multi-layer board.

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