How to distinguish the true and false of oriented Particlebo

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In life, we are not unfamiliar with the word directional particleboard, and we often encounter it. So, will you distinguish the true and false of directional particleboard? Now I'm going to teach you some simple ways to distinguish the true and false of oriented particleboard.
1、 Look at the surface decorative layer of oriented Particleboard
"Oriented particleboard" layer, clear texture, natural, bright color, complete, realistic, overall feeling, soft luster, delicate feel; at the same time, its anti ultraviolet ability, strong color stability, long-term use does not fade, yellow. Fuzzy, imitation is the pattern color is dim, usually, the surface layer has a strong "shining" phenomenon, rather than through the overall feeling.
2、 Looking at the core material of oriented Particleboard
The directional particleboard adopts the needle leaf material from alpine fresh frigid zone, through the steps of cutting, skin and branch, crushing, drying, disinfection, high temperature and high pressure, and strict processing procedures to ensure the internal cleanliness of "pass". In order to complete the product, the color of the core material is very beautiful, white, no pungent smell, but has a kind of pine natural fragrance. In view of the method of slab pavement, the slab adopts a three-layer structure of fine thick fine, and the boundaries between the structures of the first layer are clear. Then the structure of the domestic plate is adopted, and there is no obvious boundary between the layers.
3、 The whole board of oriented Particleboard
If you look at the door panel, side panel and box panel of kitchen cabinet (or other furniture), the "oriented particleboard" will not bend or deform; otherwise, it may not be a real particleboard.
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