What is the purpose of OSB board

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OSB board is made of high-strength extruded wood chips. The texture on the board can also be used for home decoration. Its strength is higher than other plates, which is one of the environmental protection building materials. It is also known as europine plate, because the size of raw materials is not the same, the thickness of the plate will also be different. The common raw materials for OSB production are mainly made of poplar and white pine. They come from European regenerated forests and use wood debris. Compared with solid wood raw materials, they are more environmentally friendly. OSB board only uses a small amount of glue, which greatly reduces the emission of formaldehyde. The wood fragments are staggered, with this wild texture, and there are small cracks inside, so it is not easy to deform and crack.
OSB board is suitable for the decoration of wood floor or wall. Europine board made of white pine wood has smooth surface and strong hardness. The price of one is about 160-220. Poplar made out of the board will have dense pores, the board is rough, darker color, the price is more favorable, a price of 130-190. OSB board is suitable for home decoration in log color, and can also be used for decoration of wooden doors. In this aspect of home decoration, there are also Talent Awards for European pine plate, which causes home decoration bottle. The advantages are environmental protection, strong stability, texture personality and moisture-proof. The disadvantage is that its hardness is too high, it is difficult to nail, and the thickness is different.
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