Simply understand the application of oriented Particleboard

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Oriented particleboard can be said that its application area is particularly wide, some unexpected places also use this material. Wall and roof decoration, commodity shelves, industrial tabletops, and even recreational bowling alleys are made of this material.
Oriented particleboard after processing, can replace a variety of materials, can also be said to be a kind of all-round material, therefore, we will be so partial to its application.
The technology and characteristics of oriented particleboard are as follows
Hot pressing is a key process in the production of particleboard. Its function is to solidify the glue in the slab, and consolidate the loose slab to a specified thickness after being pressurized. The technological requirements are as follows:
① Appropriate moisture content. When the surface moisture content is 18-20%, the bending strength, tensile strength and surface finish are improved, and the possibility of blistering and delamination is reduced. The moisture content of the core layer should be lower than that of the surface layer to maintain proper plane tensile strength.
② Appropriate hot pressing pressure. The pressure can affect the contact area between the particlesand the thickness deviation of the board and the transfer degree of the glue between the particlesand. According to the different density requirements of products, the hot pressing pressure is generally 1.2-1.4 MPa.

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